Our Core Projects consist of:-


It exists to create a space for local secondary school students to attend during after school hours. While having the use of the facility and its resources [TV, Xbox One, PS4, Pool Table, coffee bar] we hope to create a space to encourage young people in their education. During this session there are opportunities to get on with doing pending homework, receive support from available staff and volunteers when it is needed, and additional advice on other areas of school life. 

Opening Hours: 

Monday Afternoon [Open from 3pm - 5pm] Year 8+


It exists to provide a safe and welcoming environment for young people; where they can gather with friends, whilst being engaged by significant adult relationships. From sharpening your Console skills to becoming the resident pool shark, we attempt to create an atmosphere which caters for a variety of interests of young people; encouraging them to meet new people, try new things and find a welcoming community within our youth provision.

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday Night [Open from 7.30pm - 9.30pm]  Year 10+       

Wednesday Night [Open from 6.30pm - 8.30pm] Year 8-9

Friday Night [Open from 7.30pm - 9.30pm] Year 10+


This session seeks to engage young people in discussion and debate around topics that affect and impact our society today. Themes that have been covered this last year are as follows: Faith and Culture, Mental Health, Alcohol & Substance workshop, Identity, Risk Taking Behaviour, and Stereotypes & Prejudice to name but a few.

It is our hope that young people will become better informed and experienced with how they navigate their way through the various social obstacles they will face in their lives.

Wednesday Afternoon [Open from 4.30pm - 6.00pm] Year 10-12


This exists to provide a space for young people to engage in after-school activities to connect them to the youth provision we offer, and to their community. We aim to provide support to this age group during times of transition, most notably from primary to post-primary education, and help them engage in age-appropriate group work sessions to help instil resilience.

Thursday Afternoon [Open from 3.00pm-5.00pm] Primary 7's


This session offers a mixture of drop in activity and group work, providing the space to socialise and connect with their peers and drop in staff and volunteers in a fun and welcoming drop in environment, while engaging in group work programmes around life skills.

Wednesday Night [Open from 6.30pm-8.30pm] Year 8-9


We currently have a presence in Andrews Memorial Primary school and Comber Primary school, providing support in the form of  topical assemblies, scripture union sessions, after school clubs and a Primary 7 Transition programme.

We also have a presence in Nendrum college, providing support again through topical assemblies and scripture union. This year we will be piloting a mentoring programme in the school - focusing on personal and social development  of a number of students, and helping them set goals for engaging in school life.

These opportunities to contribute to the life of local schools allow us to develop relationships with a diverse group of young people, and support them in their education.


We have developed a one to one mentoring resource which aims to help young people explore their life; the significant relationships and experiences that make us who we are, the pressures that influence our decision making, and an increased awareness of our value and potential.

Simply put, we seeking to encourage young people to make well-informed decisions that are not influenced by their past, or dictated to by the present but are motivated by the future.

Other projects occur on an annual basis, or whenever funding is made available. So, please check out our BLOG section of the website for regular updates, and relevant information on such projects.