Comber Youth for Christ [locally known as ‘The Net Youth Project’] has existed in the town of Comber since 1998, and was founded in response to a growing concern for young people who were unattached from any youth provision in the locality. In the years that followed, the organisation has been on a journey, identifying needs of a target group of young people, the purchase of a property, the recruitment of volunteers; and more recently, the hiring of staff. 

In the twenty years plus that the organisation has had a presence in the town, its provision has grown and developed into a dynamic and respected contributor to the life and citizenship of young people in Comber. Our provision comes in the form of Drop In sessions, Life Mentoring Sessions and the support of young people in education, which are in line with our core aims: - to engage with young people, support them in their whole-person development and help them to reach their full potential.

In this time, we have devoted ourselves to investing in young people who are on the fringes of our society, those who are disconnected from community and those who have been labelled as troublemakers, non-achievers or lost causes. Through our provision, we seek to act as significant adult influences upon all young people with whom we engage; acting to support, encourage, and be a source of hope and motivation to overcome their circumstances… "reaching their full potential”.