Name - James McAlister

Position - Centre Co-ordinator

Qualifications - BA Honours Degree in Youth & Community Work and Practical Theology.

About James - Important things to know about me: 

I am a husband to Gillian, and a dad to Benjamin, Ethan and Emma. I have a love for eighties and nineties movies; much to the misfortune of family, friends and young people. And I love board and card games [this seems pretty sad, right? It gets worse.]  I am a Liverpool FC supporter, and yes I am aware that in my lifetime they have never won the Premier League, and each year I make that statement, "this is our year". 

All of this aside, I am the product of youth provision. In my teenage years I was supported, cared for and encouraged by some of the finest individuals that a person could know. It is through their friendship and example that I became a Christian; modelling Jesus in conversation and in practice, and supporting me through some of life's difficult times. These experiences as a young person, ultimately led me in a clear direction; a career in youth work and ministry. 

It has been over ten years since that journey began, gaining experience in various organisations and growing in confidence in my understanding and ability in working with young people. This has led me to Comber Youth for Christ, locally known as The Net Youth Project, where I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most amazing young people.

I love what I do, and I'm thankful that I get to do it with The Net Youth Project. We have worked hard to develop the provision that we currently offer, incorporating theory and theology into our practice and methodology; all the while ensuring that all that we do is to the benefit of every young person and reinforcing the simple fact that we are all made for more. 


Name: Steph Doherty

Position: Youth Worker

Qualifications: BSc Hons in Community Youth Work

About Steph:

Well where to start…. I am a Comber girl at heart! Went to Comber Primary and people will know me mostly from playing Mogli in the Jungle Book in P7, always acting a lig in 2nd Comber’s Christmas panto’s and shouting my head off on stage at Comber Fair in the Square (while freezing my butt off).

I am married to Phil and we have an awesome wee boy Caleb who is constantly attached to my hip. I love to dance, act and sing (even though i can’t really do any of the these!!). I love watching sport and my favourite time of year is when the six nations starts in February.

What people may not know: I have a passion for young people and letting them know that God loves them completely. I have been a youth worker now for nearly 10 years and always wanted to work in my hometown. This is what has brought me to The Net Youth Project and I pray God uses me to help young people in any way I can to achieve their full potential and maybe come to know a bit more about Him in the process!  


Name: Beth Simpson 

Position: Student Youth Worker 

Qualifications: Level 4 Performing Arts, and currently undertaking a BA Hons Youth and Community Work with Practical Theology.

About Beth: 

I am your typical 20 year old girl, with an incredible amount of love for Jesus. I grew up in wonderful Portadown, which I guess you could say is a bit like Hollyoaks, never a dull moment and that’s not talking about the weather.   

I went to 3 different primary schools, Tullyroan, Annaghmore and finally Orchard County Primary, only because they kept shutting down once I joined, coincidence or what? All 3 of these schools I spent most of my time enjoying Netball and Drama.   

I then attended Craigavon Senior high school and went from there to Southern Regional College where I undertook my course on Performing Arts, in which I do have to admit there was more drama done off the stage than on, but throughout performing arts that’s where I realised my love for youth work. 

I’ve always been involved in the Youth with my own church and once I realised I wanted to pursue a career in it, I began to take it a lot more seriously and got involved more, that’s when I applied to CYMI for Youth and Community Work and Practical Theology and that’s what led to me gaining my placement with The Net Youth Project.